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Functions and Responsibilities

Functions and Responsibilities

First Division
Auditing for the local government units’ budget and supplementary budget proposals, compilation of general budget and supplementary budget proposals, oversight of the unit’s budget, implementation of the supplementary budget and other budget-related matters.

Second Division
Auditing for subsidiary units’ budget proposals and compilation for their general accounts, review and compilation of special budget and supplementary budget proposals, supervision over subsidiary units’ budget, implementation of special budget and supplementary budget, and other matters.

Third Division
Collection, compilation, analysis, and publication of the city's official statistics, and management of statistical surveys conducted by bureaus and agencies of the city government

Fourth Division
Survey, compilation, and analysis of the city's economic statistics and other matters.

Fifth Division
Compilation of the city’s final accounting, handling of general accounting, auditing for the unit’s accounting and final accounting and special final accounting, design for compliance of general accounting system with general public funds accounting system, approval of special fund accounting system and planning and promotion of internal control in the government units

Handling of documents and records, archives, seals, services, procurement, treasury, research and development and evaluation, legal affairs, information management, property management, management of workers and staff applicable to Basic Labor Laws, public relations and matters not belonging to other divisions/offices.

Personnel Office
Handling of personnel management matters.

Accounting Office
Budget and final accounting, general accounting, statistical operations,

Civil Service Ethics Office
Handling of civil service ethics affairs.

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